Music Shows

Dreamstarsevents has wide experience in Music shows concert management in india. We help maintaining tour and live music shows in any part of india. We have technical staff as well music show decor experts. Dreamstarevents has worked with many music singer with their music shows and concert.


Celebrity Mangement

This Growing Entertainment Industry is expanding. The mantra is to present a private or professional event with impeccable efficiency. We are a team of people with a futuristic vision and affinity for the perfect and fluid implementation of all the events we organize.

Dreamstarsevents has a direct approach and relationship with many celebrities from Bollywood, television, politics, sports and other sectors. The company has already led many celebrities at various events across India. Like ….. Celebrity Management.

Dreamstarsevents can manage the artist according to the needs and requirements of your event. We have experience handling celebrities from all areas of arts and entertainment, such as:

  • Bollywood movie stars.
  • Playback singer.
  • Punjabup comedians.
  • Punjabi Pop Singer 
  • Headhunting Singer 
  • Indian Pop Singer 
  • Sufi Singer 
  • Famous Emcees
  • Reality TV Performer
  • Live Bands
  • Models Per International Performers
  • Indians and International Dance Troupes, etc.

Sure, you can make it happen, but all you need is the service of a reputable wedding event management company that can come up with various event ideas.


Corporate Dealer Meet Conference

Our planning service offers your delegates an inspiring and innovative dealer meeting or conference experience. With our attention to detail and our ability to work flexibly, we create the perfect platform for you to communicate effectively with your audience.


Wedding Events

Wedding Event Organizer

Wedding is most precious day and event for anyone. Everyone wants to make his marriage unique and special in any way they can. Without a doubt, your dream wedding can happen in real for that you need a service of a notable Dreamstarsevents event management company.


Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Corporate events management program with a high level of experience. Looking for the best corporate event management company for your conferences, meetings and award ceremonies? Your search ends here with us, we are not only the most experienced corporate event managers, but also a complete management house that will support you in organizing the program with all the ingredients and arrangements you need.

Our experience and infrastructure support would help you with the whole organization, where we would keep all your tributes and hostage inventions. From the meeting room layout to the seating arrangement to the red carpet show layout, we have the feel and the experience in every way possible.

We organize the sound system so that your guests are accompanied with royal hospitality and offer you the highest level of support in the organization of your event. We are also happy to host the snacks or the grand gala dinner for the guests and members of the board meeting.

Organize giant screens for big shows and even organize an interpreter for meetings abroad. We are by your side at all times with our entire team. Contact us and tell us the idea you want to establish. Changing and modernizing this idea until its implementation is our advantage. And most importantly, once we organize them for you, you will run out of room to hear anything other than the eulogy of the event.

Our corporate services include:

  • Adequate suppliers within budget
  • Team building events
  • Concept and theme design
  • Venue sourcing
  • Vendor booking and management
  • Staff recruitment and management
  • Contract negotiation and management
  • Timeline development
  • Event design, installation, and production management
Birthday Parties

Birthday Event Management

Birthday party for children with a simple topic are not enough. As one of the best kids birthday party planners. We are helping to create a completely new, kid-friendly setting that will give little ones a great opportunity to fully enjoy their special day with their friends and family.

If you are one of those people who loves to host kids birthday parties that are special and one-of-a-kind parties that your guests and children will remember forever, then Dreamstarsevents should help you get on your way to an unforgettable birthday party.

Our birthday party planners ensure the correct moves for your birthday occasion such as decorations, cakes, balloons, flower arrangements, game themes, etc. The perfect fusion of each individual element ensures that a colorfully decorated birthday party is held that is sure to delight your guests and keep them in the memory for a long time. In short, they ensure that a birthday party is unique and has an element of surprise surrounded by festivities, enough to be remembered for a long time.

For children’s birthday parties, we can present fascinating themes and settings with creative children’s programs and games that immediately engage their senses and get them If possible, we can also choose the right destination with an eye-catching decoration that is childish at all times. Similar to teen and adult ups, we can plan creative events like dance parties, various indoor and outdoor games, dramas, face painting, stage performances, and much more.  We can also introduce gift return services that give your event special meaning and a very special touch.


Private & House Parties

Planning a private party can take time and stress. Dreamstarsevents Events aims to make the event gig of a great person easier. Working close to you, designing your dream event and handling everything from start to finish, you will have a comfortable and stress-free experience.

One of the reasons for holding a private party is that it is appealing to everyone involved.. When Dreamstarsevents Planners handle your private party project, To deal with your team project, we make you the main character of your movie and your story From small intimate parties to impressive we design and plan every party to create a memorable day that is all about you.

As a profile to track the delivery of trending events, our event experts use top providers to find your budget and ideas to give your guests an amazing experince where they only talks about you!

Many customers visit Dreamstarsevents for house party booking gig. If you’ve moved to a new location or just completed an extension, you’re looking for an excuse to showcase your new home. That’s the best way to celebrate than show it together!

At Dreamstarsevents we specialize in the wow factor It begins when a visitor comes to the front door for the first time. The best way to greet guests on the red carpet at home with real flaming flames, shower lights and of course. Hotel staff offer welcome drinks and canapes. You can travel with tourists depending on the location. Direct to a garden party or start at home and then take everyone to the garden.

Depending on the season, you can enjoy a drink on the balcony or terrace and install an outdoor heater to avoid the cold.


Model Photo Shoot

Photographs are essential for working in the Bollywood industry. Dreamstarsevents is an expert and experienced in profile presentation in various modeling agencies in India and worldwide. Working in the Bollywood industry can start with an up-to-date portfolio of features, body images, and looks. Once you have completed your portfolio, you will need to contact various modeling agencies in Delhi and Mumbai. The best thing in class is to promote your resume as a direct link to work opportunities.


Dreamstarsevents is one of the leading model management companies in India, including model sets, ornaments and chrysanthemum planting programs with various options. 

Over the past few years, we have integrated marketing programs in different parts of India for many clients to ensure that all the necessary work is done on time.

The work and reputation of our products has earned the respect of our customers and captivated the fashion house. It was the car we hire in the media and Bollywood industry to pick the top names for advertising, film and public relations.

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